Balloon Construction Definition

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Balloon framing originated in the American Mid-west near Chicago in the 1830s. It is a rare type of American historic carpentry which was exported from America. Balloon framing is very important in history as the beginning of the transition away from the centuries-long method of timber framing to the common types of wood framing now in use.

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Balloon framing is one of the earlier wood construction methods. light frames of wood are constructed around studs that run continuously from top to bottom of a building. The roof is a truss structure that consists of horizontal ceiling joists and sloping rafters. platform framing is a more modern approach in construction.

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balloon framing. A system of framing a wooden building; all vertical structural elements of the exterior bearing walls and partitions consist of single studs which extend the full height of the frame, from the top of the sole-plate to the roof plate; all floor joists are fastened by nails to studs. Compare with braced framing.

Hot Air Balloon Basket construction time lapse Balloon Frame Wall definition. balloon frame wall definition. September 14, 2018 by josh. Balloon framing balloon framing tip s balloon frame jpg note the interconnected floor joist channels to exterior wall stud this allows not. Balloon Framing Old House Web

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